Keeping Your E-Bike Safe

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Lets start off with the fact that in England and Wales around 73,000 bicycles were stolen in 2020/21

This statistic has fallen from the previous year but what it doesn't say is how this affects the victims of these crimes such as financially and mentally. There are a number of ways you can deter bike thieves from attempting to take your bike.

Green living is rising which means more and more people are taking up cycling every day. So naturally the rate of bikes being stolen is going up, so we need to be more vigilant and more aware of our surroundings when choosing the method for keeping your electric bike secure.

Let's take a look at what we should consider when keeping our electric bikes safe:



Choosing a busy place is a great location to secure your e-bike best. We don't want to make this easy for bike thieves, we want to make this as difficult as possible, so locking your bike in a location that is covered by CCTV and other people will help to deter thieves, and always in a well lit area if this is possible.

50% of bike thefts occur at home and many go unreported. Bringing your bike into your home is one of the best ways to deter bike thieves. Leaving bikes in the garden can heighten the risks as this is a likely place bike thieves would look at first, but for some people this may be the only option, so we recommend you lock away your bike. If you use a shed or garage then consider using a floor or wall-mounted anchor lock for an extra layer of security. 


bike locked to railing

We need to know how to secure a bike properly because it doesn't matter which lock you use, if its not secure correctly your bike can be made easy for bike thieves to steal your electric bike. 

  • Start with choosing an object that is fixed and immovable such as lamp posts or well designed bike racks. If choosing railings then we recommend putting the bike lock through as many railings as possible. Did you know bike thieves have been known to saw through the standard bike rack?
  •  If we only have one place to lock our bikes then putting the lock through the frame and wheel. 

If we have two places on an object and we are carrying 2 bike locks with us, then you should lock the frame and both wheels to the stand.

You shouldn't lock only the wheels to the stand as your frame


Bike thieves are becoming more sophisticated than ever before. So using rated bike locks such as Sold Secure or bike locks that have achieved top awards in the UK and are reputable.

We want to avoid using cable locks, they may seem safe because they are cheap, usually lightweight and can fit around your electric bike to lock. But they are not secure. Bike thieves can easily cut through these using bolt cutters or cable cutters, it doesn't matter if the cable is thicker as this in many cases is just thicker plastic casing.

Some of the other common bike locks people are use are U-locks, chain locks and foldable locks. As long as you choose high quality bike locks this may not be a problem, the circumstance of the bike owner is a factor because some of these locks can be heavy, expensive, awkward to carry or won't fasten around bigger objects. 

Shifty Electrics has partnered up with LITELOK who is the worlds lightest, flexible, insurance rated bike locks and are made in the UK. These bike locks have achieved top awards in the UK for the level of protection they can bring to your bike. Build your confidence by knowing your bike has one of the best locks currently in the market. 

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